Amazon under pressure to remove book on how to seduce women through photography

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A 90 page book promising to show readers how to seduce women through photography currently advertised on has created a stir, with many wondering why the hugely innapropriate book is being promoted.

An Introduction to Camera Game: How to Seduce Women Through Photography by Goldmund promises to guide lascivious men through tactics to approach and seduce “endless amounts of attractive women” using photography. The book appears to have first been published in 2015.

The book’s blurb states that it will, “Explain different ‘projects’ that will make it easy for you to approach girls on the street and get them excited to be involved in your photos. Including tips on how to easily set up dates and seduce the women you meet. And much more…”

Naturally this has angered many, with countless angry comments being posted on the book’s listing.

“This is how photographers get a bad name and why the rest of us struggle to get models” writes one Amazon user.

“A terrible concept built on the foundation of manipulation and misogyny.”

"As a professional (female) photographer, this makes my blood boil. There are already too many predatory photographers in the world who coax girls into modelling for them, when their intentions are simply to get a girl in an isolated setting and (usually) semi-undressed. This book encourages sexual harrasment between photographers and models, and damages the rest of the reputation of the rest of the professionals in our industry. DO NOT purchase this book and support someone who thinks that photography is a means to seduce women"

Despite the criticism, the book is currently still for sale.

Last week celebrity photographer Terry Richardson had his contract with many leading fashion magazines torn up following decades of complaints of sexual impropriety, and only two weeks ago a Newcastle photographer was denied bail on a string of sexual offences related to his photography business.

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