A horror-film featuring a possessed drone is coming out

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If you've tried to catch a drone and taken a hit from the blades, or worse still, woken up in a cold sweat convinced that your drone is trying to kill you, then you may want to avoid the upcoming film 'The Drone'.

Described as a horror/comedy on IMDB and in production since 2017, the film looks to be legitimate. This will make it, as far as we can tell anyway, the first ever drone horror-film. You can watch the newly-released trailer below.

According to the synopsis, a newlywed couple is terrorised by a consumer drone that has become 'sentient with the consciousness of a deranged serial killer.' If you've ever watched Child's Play or the other Chucky films this will all sound very familiar. 

No word on when we can expect it in theatres - but let's be honest, it will probably never make it to any. Regardless, we'll keep our fingers crossed the film will have a shelf-life longer than a Phantom's flight-time.

You can keep up-to-date with all the latest on the film on the empty (for now anyway) Twitter and Instagram pages.

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