Photokina: Fujifilm announces medium format mirrorless GFX

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Fujifilm has released details of its new medium format mirrorless digital camera system, GFX. According to the manufacturer the new system will deliver the highest image quality in the history of Fujifilm electronic imaging.

The GFX 50S is set to be released early in 2017 and features the Fujifilm G Format 51.54 megapixel 3.8x32.9mm sensor. Complementing the release of the GFX camera system will be six Fujinon GF lenses.

According to Fujifilm, the GFX 50S delivers superior sharpness and image quality that will satisfy professional photographers shooting commercial, fashion or fine-art landscapes. The sensor's 51.4 megapixels can be adapted to various aspect ratios, including 4:3 (default), 3:2, 1:1, 4:5, 6:7 and 6:17 - available in large and medium format film cameras.


The camera uses the X-Processor Pro imaging processor, and is claimed to be lighter and more compact than other medium-format digital SLR cameras. The GFX50S is Fujifilm's first camera to use a detachable electronic viewfinder, which can be removed when using an external monitor. In addition, an optional adapter makes it possible to fit the EVF at any angle for greater choice of shooting angle. Optional accessories will include vertical battery grip, for enhanced shooting of portraits.

The GFX 50S supports tethered shooting and will be compatible with various RAW conversion application software.


A new lineup of Fujinon GF lenses designed specifically for the GFX will initially include the following:
1. Standard prime “GF63mmF2.8 R WR” (equivalent to 50mm in the 35mm format)
2. Wide-angle standard zoom “GF32-64mmF4 R LM WR” (equivalent to 25-51mm in the 35mm format)
3. Mid-telephoto macro 1:0.5 “GF120mmF4 Macro R LM OIS WR” (equivalent to 95mm in the 35mm format)
4. Fast aperture mid-telephoto “GF110mmF2 R LM WR” (equivalent to 87mm in the 35mm format)
5. Ultra wide “GF23mmF4 R LM WR” (equivalent to 18mm in the 35mm format)
6. Wide “GF45mmF2.8 R WR” (equivalent to 35mm in the 35mm format)

The lenses feature an aperture ring, a popular feature in the X Series, and have the new C (Command) position on the ring to enable aperture adjustments with the command dial on the camera body. All of the lenses feature dust and weather resistant construction.

More information available here and here.

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