Leica's new Q-P compact camera loses the red dot; gains some design tweaks

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Leica's popular Q fixed lens compact has received a subtle refresh, aimed at making the camera even more minimalist.

Announced today, the new Leica Q-P ditches the iconic Red Dot logo and comes with a more discreet matte finish. 

Otherwise it's pretty much the same as the original Q, with the same fast 28mm f/1.7 lens and a 24-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor. The only additions are a new shutter release button and script logo on the top plate. This shutter is the same as that on the Leica M and Leica CL, and promises an improved haptic experience.

The 3.86-megapixel electronic viewfinder and 3-inch, 1.04-million touchscreen LCD are also unchanged.

The Q-P is priced higher than the original, at an eye-watering Australian RRP of $7,300. That said, this does include a leather strap and spare battery. 

The Leica Q-P is now available from Leica Store Sydney, Leica Store Melbourne and authorised Leica dealers.

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