I-1 Instant camera set to hit the market

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Innovative tech manufacturer The Impossible Project has teamed up with Brands Australia to launch the I-1 instant camera.

Following on from The Impossible Project's successful revitalisation eight years ago of the last existing Polaroid factory in Holland, the company now produces instant films in the original format for pre-existing Polaroid cameras.

The I-1 is the first camera the company has completely designed and engineered.

Produced in conjunction with Teenage Engineering founder Jesper Kouthood, the I-1 pays homage to the iconic Polaroid camera, complete with instant film photo processing.

Impossible Project I-1

Featuring an updated modern matte black finish the camera is equipped with a purpose designed ring flash comprised of eight LEDs. The flash also functions as a film count indicator to alert users of the number of photos left on their Impossible Project film.

The maker says the I-1’s magnetic viewfinder is collapsible and removable to allow for future technological innovations.

The camera also features remote connectivity via an iOS app which links directly to the I-1 and allows control of shutter triggering, aperture and shutter speed and creative tools such as double exposure and light painting. Images can also be uploaded directly to social media channels.

The I-1 instant photography camera retails for $499.95 RRP and will be available through select retailers and www.polaroid.com.au from June 20.

Website: www.impossible-project.com

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