It has been reported that GoPro is set to launch more new cameras in 2017 with the Hero6 set to become the latest flagship.

The news comes just months after the GoPro Hero5 was released. The newest GoPro features an integrated touchscreen display, voice activation and is water-ready without the need for a seperate housing.

Plans for the new Hero 6 were confirmed recently by GoPro CEO Nick Woodman.

“We can confirm there will be new cameras and other accessories released during the year and a new camera namely being Hero6,” Woodman said.

GoPro 5

Despite revealing the new flagship camera is on the way, Woodman failed to give any concrete specs or an expected launch date.

Although GoPro continues to make what are widely considered to be the best action cameras on the market, the company has struggled financially in recent years, with annual losses of $116 million USD.

Despite the losses, GoPro has seen uptake in its additional services such as its cloud storage platform.


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