Cardboard camera campaign takes off

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A Ukraine-based startup company has started a campaign to fund a camera made mostly of cardboard and paper.

The Jollylook is currently in prototype form awaiting the outcome of a Kickstarter funding campaign aiming to raise $15,000 to start production.


The vintage-style camera accepts Fujifilm Instax mini cartridges, contains no electronic parts and has a specially designed shutter and hand crank which starts the development process of the photos manually.

The Jollylook folds to form a small cardboard box when not in use. To use it, the front unit containing the lens is extended. The user then sets the aperture, raises the viewfinder to frame the shot and fires the shutter.

Jollylook 2

Jollylook's makers state that Kickstarter funds will be used to create moulds for the camera's lenses, organise production and help with marketing efforts.

With a month to go the company is closing in on its funding goal in quick time.

Shipping of the Jollylook is estimated to start in June 2017.

Information on the Kickstarter campaign available here.

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