A photograph of an Antarctic iceberg has won the 'Colour Blue' photo comp. The image, by Queensland photographer Andrew Peacock, was praised by this month's judge Robert Keeley, editor of Australian Photography + Digital magazine, for its impact, composition and striking use of blue tones.

"It has a great range of colours throughout the scene, and the wide-angle focal length adds impact by complementing the sharp, blade-like nature of the ice," said Keeley.

"The use of a polariser has helped kill glare and boost colour, which is really helpful in such an environment. By placing the iceberg centrally in the composition, the photographer has also included a significant part of its reflection. Remembering the category is about colour, everything about this image reinforces that theme."

Peacock has won a $250 voucher for a Deluxe Photobook from leading Australian photobook maker Momento.

A total of 23 images were shortlisted in the January competition. As well as the winner, Keeley selecting two more images for special mentions: 'Blue Swimmer' by Kerry Geck and 'One Direction' by Libby Holmsen.

"'Blue Swimmer' was a shot which was really different," Keeley said. "It’s not easy to get any shot underwater, though shooting in water is usually helped by the absence of warm light. Nonetheless, it’s a tricky environment to take pictures in. And capturing action in such a situation adds several degrees of difficulty! This unusual image is a real close-up as well, taken literally as the subject hit the water. The result from this type of situation, though it can be hit and miss, really worked in this instance. The swirling water and the dark red tinge to the hair make this shot stand out."

The abstract image 'One Direction' also drew praise. "Abstract shots need to be simple; they can be brought undone by unintentional distractions, especially in outdoor scenes. But here, the photographer has really taken care with every element of the composition. The shadow is nicely positioned and doesn’t run out of the frame, while the blue box structure in the centre is really strong and sharp. I also love the sharp division along the top between the intense blue sky and the white wall – it really emphasises the contrasting elements which help make this image so strong. And the vertical format is a good idea here as well."

The full list of shortlisted images from the January 'Colour Blue' competition is published below.

The theme for the February competition is Abstract. Images must be submitted by midnight, 28 February.

WINNER: 'Face in the Ice,' by Andrew Peacock.

COMMENDED: 'Blue Swimmer,' by Kerry Geck.

COMMENDED: 'One Direction,' by Libby Holmsen.

'Sky Pattern,' by Roger Agnes.

'Sailing in the Mist,' by Leanne Barnett.

'January,' by Annette Bramley.

'Blue Sky on Summer Day at Soldiers Beach,' by Nita Bread Photography.

'Rosary Shadow,' by Patricia Duke.

'Blue Diamond,' by Mihai Florea.

'Morning's Emptiness,' by Rolly Gregorio.

'Moroccan Blue,' Door by Vicki Harrington.

'Carpet of Stars,' by David Haworth.

'Through the Roof,' by Ian Houghton.

'Blue Hour at The Pool,' by Bronwyn Keller.

'Blue,' by Kirbee.

'Green is Blue,' by Stephen Knight.

'Blue Dawn,' by Sonia Masarova.

'Melbourne Docklands,' Sunrise by Keith Persall.

'In the Middle of Nowhere,' by Felipe Ramirez.

'Sky Towers,' by Vin Rathod.

'The Colour Blue,' by Janet Storer.

'The Swimming Pool,' by Janet Storer.

'Jetty,' by Sue-Ann Tilby.

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