From the publishers of Australian Photography magazine. is targeted at amateur and experienced photographers who want to improve their craft – enthusiasts who enjoy photography and want to become better at it. This site will help them achieve that.

From our experience with printed magazines, we know what readers want. They want advice on how their photos can be improved. They want to enter competitions and have their best work recognised. They want to know how to use the latest technology and new products. And they want to learn more about creative techniques and how the pros do it.



The homepage contains image and pointers to all the main sections of the site – Competitions, Image Doctor, News, How To/Tutorials, New Products and Emerging Photographers. As the entry point to the site, this page carries the most traffic.



This section of the site is one of the most active. There are monthly competitions on nominated themes, e.g., water, animals, shadows. Images can be submitted via the site, with no entry fees. The current month’s images are displayed and can be rated by visitors using a five-star system. Previous monthly winners are displayed for 12 months. Sponsorships of competitions are available.



Photographers can submit their images for professional appraisal for a small fee. In this section visitors can view submitted images along with advice from ‘The Doctor’. The Image Doctor section is the most popular part of AP magazine in print, and online will be just as strong.



News stories, including the latest exhibitions, competitions, product releases and photographic events are included here. Items from the weekly email newsletter can be seen here, and previous news stories can be searched.


A resource centre for photographers looking to improve their craft. Includes searchable print and online articles that can be purchased with back issues of Australian Photography.


Articles and reviews of new products, categorised into cameras, lenses, accessories and equipment.



Useful listings of suppliers, retailers, courses and associations. With logos, fully searchable.



The AP email newsletter is sent out weekly on Thursdays to photography enthusiasts, suppliers and retailers. It is promoted regularly through Yaffa’s photographic magazines as well as other relevant publications and websites. In turn, the newsletter will drive traffic regularly to the AP website.


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