WHAT:      Eleven days of Wildflowers, Wildlife and Wild Places
WHEN:     25 August to 4 September 2020
WHERE:   Western Australia, Perth, Cervantes, Moora, and Coalseam National Park.

Eleven days of Wildflowers, Wildlife and Wild Places.  The words West Australia and Spring immediately conjure up images of amazing wildflowers. And, of course, with the wildflowers come the birds.

Be prepared to photograph landscapes of Everlastings and clumps delicate Spider Orchids, Candy Orchids and if we are lucky the Ruby Spider Orchid. During our tour there will be hundreds of different species of wildflowers to photograph and getting to our nightly destination can be a challenge as we stop for this wildflower or that shrub.

Over the eleven days we will search out the best flowering locations and adapt our itinerary to suit. No trip into wildflower country would be complete without photographing the unique Wreath Flower (Leschenaultia macrantha) only found in sandy and gravely soils inland from Geraldton. And where there are flowering plants there are birds. There will be lots of opportunities to photograph various Parrots and Cockatoos, Rufus Whistlers and Pardalotes, Wattle Birds, Bustards and more.

Wreath Wildflowers

Wreath Wildflowers

It’s not all wildflowers and birds though, we will visit Yarra Yarra Lakes that is part of a large freshwater system and makes it’s way eventually to the coast, do an Astro Shoot and photograph the Pinnacles in the day and at night. We visit Australia’s only monastic town at New Norcia and see kilometres of golden Canola paddocks. We also spend a couple of nights in Perth to ensure we have covered your WA wildflower needs by visiting several national parks, reserves and wetlands to photograph as many species as we can including the Kangaroo Paw, Cat Paw and more varieties of Orchids.



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Covid-19 Statement
We find ourselves in extraordinary times. Restrictions and lockdowns are impacting all of us.
We are all in this together and I am positive we'll come out the other side and life will return to something like it was before.
Your health is the number one concern and the government directives should not be taken lightly. Yes, it's painful but necessary if we are to minimise the impact of the deadly Covid-19 virus. Workshops where close contact is unavoidable have therefore been postponed until we can all safely shake hands again. Postponements (at this stage) only affect Morocco, Japan, Christmas Island and Flinders Ranges/Gluepot workshops.

I am hopeful that by June things will be resolved and Fraser Island and workshops after that can go ahead.

If the situation does not improve I will update the postponements accordingly.

In the meantime please stay safe and healthy.


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