This 1923 Leica just set a new record for the world's most expensive camera

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One of only 12 known 1923 Leica 0 series cameras has sold at auction for €2,400,000 (~$2,957,304), setting a new record as the world’s most expensive camera.

The purchase was made at the 32nd Westlicht camera auction in Vienna, Austria, on March 10th, where the camera had a starting price of €400,000 (~$492,672). The price was bid up six times by the time the hammer fell, pushing the sale price above the $2.79 million paid for another Leica 0 series at the Westlicht auction in 2012.

Of the original 25 that were produced by Ernst Leitz, just 12 survive today.  Only three of these are in 'pristine' condition.

These Leica 0 series cameras have been seeing a consistent price increase in recent years. Copies were sold for $435,000 in 2007, $1.89 million in 2011, $2.79 million in 2012, and now $2.96 million in 2018.

“It is the highest price ever paid for a camera at an auction,” Westlicht writes. “The 10 most expensive cameras of all times were sold by WestLicht Auctions during the last several years.”

You can watch the auction here:

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