new lenses

From fisheyes and telephotos to zooms and primes, we report on the latest and greatest camera lenses.

14 May 2015 Olympus has released what it claims is the world’s fastest 8mm fisheye lens as well as a new pro grade 7-14mm f/2.8 ultra-wide angle zoom for its OM-D and PEN cameras.
06 Mar 2015 Sony has added four new full-frame lenses and four converters to its Alpha E-mount lineup.
01 Dec 2014 Lensbaby has announced that it will release new versions of it's Circular Fisheye lens mounts to suit Sony A and E, Micro Four Thirds, Samsung NX, Pentax K, Canon EF and Nikon F cameras.
29 Jul 2014 Fujifilm has released an updated lens road map for its X-series cameras with five new lenses slated for delivery between now and the end of 2015.
09 Jul 2014 Tamron has announced a new lineup of lightweight "super-zoom" lenses including a 16-300mm macro, 28-300mm, 14-150mm and an updated version of its 18-200mm zoom which is now compatible with Canon EOS M-mount cameras.
17 Jun 2014 Fujifilm’s first weather-resistant XF zoom lens will join the X Series of interchangeable lenses in July 2014, and serves as a companion to the XT-1 Camera.
Fujifilm new XF 10-24mm wide-angle lens is ideal for both landscape images and capturing low light interiors.
05 Jan 2014 Fujifilm says its new XF 10-24mm wide-angle lens is ideal for both landscape images and detailed interior shots.
Tamron's latest telephoto zoom extends to a massive range of 150-600mm, making it ideal for sports, nature and wildlife photography.
10 Dec 2013 A new ultra telephoto zoom lens suitable for sports, nature, and wildlife photographers is being developed by Tamron.
12 Aug 2013 Nikon is set to release a new all-purpose lens for its lineup of DX-sensor DSLR cameras.
05 Jun 2013 Zeiss is set to release three new lenses for Sony NEX and Fujifilm X cameras.
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