new lenses

From fisheyes and telephotos to zooms and primes, we report on the latest and greatest camera lenses.

06 Mar 2015 Sony has added four new full-frame lenses and four converters to its Alpha E-mount lineup.
01 Dec 2014 Lensbaby has announced that it will release new versions of it's Circular Fisheye lens mounts to suit Sony A and E, Micro Four Thirds, Samsung NX, Pentax K, Canon EF and Nikon F cameras.
29 Jul 2014 Fujifilm has released an updated lens road map for its X-series cameras with five new lenses slated for delivery between now and the end of 2015.
09 Jul 2014 Tamron has announced a new lineup of lightweight "super-zoom" lenses including a 16-300mm macro, 28-300mm, 14-150mm and an updated version of its 18-200mm zoom which is now compatible with Canon EOS M-mount cameras.
17 Jun 2014 Fujifilm’s first weather-resistant XF zoom lens will join the X Series of interchangeable lenses in July 2014, and serves as a companion to the XT-1 Camera.
Fujifilm new XF 10-24mm wide-angle lens is ideal for both landscape images and capturing low light interiors.
05 Jan 2014 Fujifilm says its new XF 10-24mm wide-angle lens is ideal for both landscape images and detailed interior shots.
Tamron's latest telephoto zoom extends to a massive range of 150-600mm, making it ideal for sports, nature and wildlife photography.
10 Dec 2013 A new ultra telephoto zoom lens suitable for sports, nature, and wildlife photographers is being developed by Tamron.
12 Aug 2013 Nikon is set to release a new all-purpose lens for its lineup of DX-sensor DSLR cameras.
05 Jun 2013 Zeiss is set to release three new lenses for Sony NEX and Fujifilm X cameras.
14 May 2013 Canon's new zoom lets you boost focal length at the flick of a switch.
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