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27 Apr 2016 US company Rollocam has released its Hercules pocket-sized motorised camera dolly.
18 Apr 2016 DJI has introduced its Matrice 600 (M600) drone for professional aerial photography, filmmaking and industrial applications.
11 Apr 2016 Lee Filters has announced the release of a new range of medium and hard neutral density graduated filters.
07 Apr 2016 A successful kickstarter campaign is set to result in the launch of a new retro style art lens that pays homage to the world's first optic lens.
21 Mar 2016 Adobe has released the latest update of Camera Raw with version 9.5, available now.
07 Mar 2016 Consumer drone manufacturer Parrot has released its new generation Bebop 2 quadricopter.
07 Mar 2016 DJI has released the Phantom 4 advanced quadcopter, which boasts automatic obstacle avoidance and improved camera optics.
07 Mar 2016 Lens filter manufacturer Lee Filters has announced the release of a new neutral density filter that reduces the amount of light reaching the camera lens by a whopping 15 stops.
29 Feb 2016 A remote control spinning tripod head to make shooting panoramas easier has been released by Polaroid in the US and UK.
08 Jan 2016 Nikon Australia has announced the launch of the new SB-5000 radio-controlled Speedlight.
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