Photography Workshops with The Aperture Club in 2021

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© The Aperture Club
© The Aperture Club

 2021 Calendar 

The Aperture Club is a team of passionate, professional photographers, dedicated to extending your knowledge in photography. Individual attention is an important consideration in our workshops irrespective of your level of expertise and giving you one on one attention is our main objective.

“We foster creativity and promote a fun and energetic environment for you to learn in – this isn’t just a workshop, it’s an experience!” Sharon Hickey Founder.


Fundamentals is designed for beginners or for those reconnecting with photography.

The Aperture Club believes the way to learn is to move out of the classroom and into the field. All of our training is practical hands-on combined with theory.

With us you’ll be inspired and challenged.

Fundamentals is held over 3 consecutive weeks, with each 4 hr session covering a stepping stone on the foundations of photography. The 4 hr components can also be taken separately at your own pace…

© The Aperture Club
© The Aperture Club
  • Week 1 Camera Essentials
    Learn camera handling, menu navigation and shooting modes and how to work with light, the camera’s shortcuts and focusing techniques.

  • Week 2 Mastering Manual
    Understand the relationship between shutter speed, aperture and ISO. We teach you how to construct and execute exposure from the ground up. This is where you start to take creative control.
  • Week 3 All About Composition
    Discover how to create a well-composed picture and how to communicate your intended message clearly and effectively. Composition is about ‘finding your photographic eye’.
© The Aperture Club
© The Aperture Club


Learn how to photograph people and how to capture truly insightful and engaging portraits. A powerful portrait can challenge and enlighten. Whether you are taking portraits of family and friends, for business or for art, it’s important to understand the tools and qualities that make portraiture compelling and memorable.

In this 5hr workshop you’ll explore the fundamentals of portraiture and learn techniques to inspire your creativity. Working with a model is a great way to learn how to pose and communicate with your subject. You will gain confidence in communicating your creative ideas and see them come to life.

  • 5 hr workshop including a model/dancer
    © The Aperture Club
  • Specialised portrait tutors

  • Learn decision making processes

  • Technical aspects of lighting and composition
  • How to create mood and atmosphere

For more information, you can visit the Aperture Club website here.

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