Gill Fry, Waterfall into the sea. (September theme: Wilderness)

I have been planning this shot for a year and it finally came to fruition. It has been raining hard over the last couple of weeks so I knew that the runoff would be building. The waterfalls into the ocean only happen for a short period of time and only after a big dump of rain. They might only last a few hours. And the problem is - that when it is happening, there is usually torrential winds and rain!!! So I was watching the cloud and weather reports like a hawk. They promised a break in the rain right on sunset....perfect :D They didn't promise a break in the gale force winds though :( It was so windy that we couldn't stand still!!! And I couldn't even put up my tripod!!! The winds were just buffeting us around. The only way I could take a shot was to put the speed up and hope to quickly catch the scene before my body and hands were shaken with the wind, even though I was braced against the rail. But I caught it! The rain started to threaten again and we hastily went back to the car. The break in the clouds was gone - but I saw my waterfall into the sea