David Ngo, David Ngo (Landscape)

1. This time last year we visited Hunter Valley to spectate the Balloon Aloft Balloon Fiesta, where almost 2 dozen hot air balloons fill the sky. This shot was taken as the balloons were approaching their landing. 2. I take my crystal ball everywhere I go, but sometimes I forget to use it. I purposefully went out on a hunt for a pool by the ocean, set up my crystal ball and waited for the sun to set then took this shot. 3. Not every landscape needs to be in landscape orientation. I went on an adventure to find a nice dark spot just to capture the milky way. It was getting dark enough so I used a torch to shine at the stars, and used a flash to create a silhouette. 4. This was one of the last shots I took with one of my cameras before I sold it. It's the only HDR image here where I combined the sky from sunset and blended it with the city and foreground at night