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Australian Photography goes behind the scenes with Australian travel photographer David Metcalf to see how he creates his remarkable images.

It’s all about the light. Dylan Fox shares how patiently waiting for the perfect light led to a stunning shot of Tasmania's Secret Falls.

There are many aspects of photography that make a 'great' image. You need to know how to best use your camera's settings, followed by using sound photographic techniques. Photo tour leader Michael Snedic shares his tips for capturing these special moments.

Australian Photography recently spoke to award-winning photographer Peter Solness about his remarkable night landscapes. Solness uses torches to light up the landscape and, in some cases, draw images in the scene. In this excerpt he reveals seven great tips to help you create amazing light paintings of your own.

The challenge of shooting successful environmental portraits is revealing the whole story in just one frame. It's not easy and even the best shooters struggle at times to do it well. In an effort to demystify this challenging area of photography, Rob Ditessa talks to three top pros – Nick Bassett, Matt Devlin and James Braund – to get their best tips for shooting powerful in situ portraits.

Ever feel like you have more images than you know what to do with? Photographer Nick Rains shares his personal tips for turning your storage system into a lean, mean image storage machine.

Photographer Nick Terry takes us to one of his favourite dive sites on the NSW coast where he captured a beautiful Grey Nurse Shark rounding a reef. Read on to see how he did it.

Afghanistan may not be your first pick for a holiday destination, but Neil Silverwood's tips on taking better documentary photographs may be just the ticket, wherever it is you head to next.

Want to shoot breathtaking seascapes? Check out these six clever tips from landscape photographer extraordinaire, Dylan Fox.

Australian Photography goes behind the scenes with Australian travel photographer David Metcalf to see how he creates his remarkable images.

Crisp light, heavenly landscapes, deeply saturated colours, an age-old culture and warm, friendly people. What more could any photographer ask for? In this special feature Lynn Gail shares seven tips for photographers planning to visit East Arnhem Land.</br></br> <i>Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised that the following article contain images of Indigenous Australians.</i>

Many cameras offer a choice between Raw and JPEG. Deciding which one you should use comes down to a choice between image quality, file size, speed and convenience.

Ever wondered how pro photographers manage complex lighting setups on large-scale photo shoots? In this step-by-step project Mark Galer shows you how to combine elements from several pictures to create one perfectly lit image.

Camel trains are a regular sight on Birubi Beach, NSW. Pro photographer Justin Gilligan explains how he was able to capture the familiar from a unique perspective.