photo tips

The snowy mountains are one of our most beautiful landscapes. In our photo tip of the week, photographer Tim Wrate shares his tips for making the most of them in winter.

For photos to have an impact they should tell a story. In this how-to piece, former ABC News Online photo editor Giulio Saggin explains how to produce better story telling images.

Seen the Northern Lights and dream of having that eerie green glow in your photos? Launceston photographer Jason Stephens shares how you can capture the Southern Hemisphere's equivalent - the Aurora Australis.

HDR imaging guru Trey Ratcliff knows a thing or two about creating amazing photos. Here's his six top tips for amazing HDR shots.

Award-winning photographer Chris Bray is releasing his popular photography course as a free series.

While many people might go into hibernation at this time of year, that doesn't have to happen! Photography can lift your spirits and bring loads of better photo opportunities, as Alfonso Calero explains.

It’s not just his photo that left us breathless. Pro photographer Nick Melidonis recalls how he took his award-winning shot of a camel train in India’s high Alps.

Tired of the usual three-by-two picture format offered by most digital cameras? Pro photographer Justin Gilligan shares his best tips and tricks for shooting and stitching seamless panoramic images.

Producing a photo series is a great way to explore your subject in more detail. Pro photographer Drew Hopper shares his six top tips to help you find your inner storyteller.

Talented US photographer Ben Von Wong has teamed up with COOPH to share his best photo tips. Check out the video here.

Many photographers these days are being asked to multi-task by shooting video at corporate events. Mick Fletoridis offers some helpful tips and shares some personally learned pitfalls.

In the search for memorable images it pays to take your time and look very closely at the world around you. Pro wildlife photographer Theo Allofs recalls a memorable encounter with an ingeniously camouflaged predator.

Talented street photographer Thomas Leuthard recently teamed up with the Cooperative of Photography (COOPH) to demonstrate some really handy street photography tips.

In the second and final part of our series on photographers block, and how to beat it, Drew Hopper offers three more handy problem-solving tips to help you get your mojo back!

Are your images falling short of your expectations? Has your photography become formulaic and forced, rather than free and instinctual? Maybe you’re suffering from photographers’ block. If so, here are three essential tips from travel and landscape photographer Drew Hopper to help you get your mojo back.