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The fast-moving world of advertising seems a million miles away from the slow methodical nature of studio photography. Rob Ditessa talks to two ad-pros about how they take attention-grabbing shots.

Have an old digital camera sitting in the cupboard gathering cobwebs? Landscape photo wizard Luke Tscharke explains why you should consider converting it to infrared to give it a new lease on life.

Dodgy weather can make or break your landscape photography. Pro photographer Dylan Fox explains how he took a stunning photo of Horseshoe Falls in Tasmania, with foggy weather turning out to be the icing on the cake.

Want to take your landscapes to the next level? It’s all about the light, says award-winning shooter Dylan Fox. He explains the finer points and shows you how you can take control of light to make your landscapes sing!

Want to take beautiful seascape photos? The team at Australian Photography has put together 10 great tips to help you capture beautiful seascapes next time you hit the beach.

Exploring macro can open up a world of detail in your photography. AP’s Mike O’Connor meets Sydney’s very own spiderman, Michael Duncan, to get the low-down on a tiny world just waiting to be discovered.

Want to buy a drone? Today you are spoilt for choice with an amazing array of capable drones on offer at relatively affordable prices. Here’s some handy flying and buying tips to get you started.

The John Wayne of Cuban street photography shares his secrets in our photo tip of the week.

For pro photographer Drew Hopper, making the switch from his beloved DSLR to a smaller, mirrorless camera has been a revelation. He lists his eight top reasons why mirrorless cameras have changed the way he shoots.

Heading off into the outdoors is a great way to discover beautiful landscape locations. Just back from a week-long expedition to Tasmania’s Western Arthur Range, Dylan Toh shares his top tips to help you plan your own wilderness adventure.

Bringing out the big guns may seem the perfect solution to your problems when shooting wildlife subjects, but in truth it’s often where they begin. Pro-shooters Steve and Ann Toon give you the low-down on how to get pin-sharp shots with long lenses.

Adding a starburst effect is a cool photography technique that can really make your images shine. AP regular Darran Leal shows how it works.

It's time for another amazing educational video from the good people at COOPH. In this instalment, Markus Berger shares six mind-bending tips for any photographer hoping to get creative in the wonderfully bizarre world of UV blacklight photography.

How do you take better travel photos? Here are some tips to improve your travel photography and get picture perfect memories you’ll treasure.

Sometimes you don't have to look too far for the best images. Pro photographer Drew Hopper explains how he captured this striking image from the back of a taxi in Jodphur, India.