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Using flash with wildlife is often thought of as controversial. But should it be? Gregory Basco shows you how smart use of flash can transform your wildlife photography.

Want to take better cityscape images? fine art photographer Leanne Cole shares her sure-fire tips for better shots of beautiful cities.

Shoot wildlife against the sun and you’ll discover a wealth of opportunities to enrich your images. Here's how to do it.

Saima's tip: Compositions with lines leading diagonally to or from corners of the frame can be powerful and dramatic.

Nick Rains shares three simple tips to help you develop your skills to capture powerful portraits of perfect strangers.

Patience, patience and more patience. Pro wildlife photographer Max Rinaldi reveals what it took to capture an incredible moment with pinpoint sharpness.

Saima’s tip: Lowish lighting and a high ISO are two key culprits when it comes to unwanted noise!

Wildlife photographer Bruce Thomson knows a thing or two about night photography. Ahead of the release of his new book, Australian Wildlife After Dark, he speaks to Rob Ditessa about how unique camera setups help him to capture nocturnal wildlife in their natural environment.

Getting your head around which filter works best for your lighting situation can be a real challenge. Everlook photography’s Dylan Toh shows how to cut through the noise and take great photos with filters.

Keen to smarten up your storage workflow? AP regular Anthony McKee shares how he runs his archive to ensure everything is backed up and at hand whenever, and wherever, he needs it.

If you want to take amazing photographs you need to master composition. Pro photographer Drew Hopper shares his best tips to help you frame your images for maximum impact.

Saima's tip: Bright, featureless expanses of colourless sky usually add nothing to a scene and just take the attention away from a subject or point of interest.

Lightroom’s new Dehaze feature is a boon for washed-out photos. Image-editing guru Mark Galer demonstrates the finer points in this practical step-by-step project.

Saima’s Tip: Good lighting is at the heart of a good photograph.

Travel photographer and Japan tragic Alfonso Calero shares five great places in Tokyo that are always worth visiting with a camera in hand.