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In our regular Image Doctor column, photo educator Saima Morel analyses readers' images. If you'd like to have one of your images reviewed, drop us an email at

TITLE: Elizabeth Quay Sunrise
Mark Nangle
Canon EOS 70D,  Canon EFS 18-55mm lens @ 18mm focal length, 3s @ f22, ISO 100, Lightroom 6, adjustments to contrast shadows and clarity.

The image

Mark says

“I took this image at Elizabeth Quay in Perth, W.A.  I was at the location just prior to sunrise and was about to walk across the footbridge when I thought that the curve of the walkway, combined with the arches of the bridge and the morning glow would make a photo with many interesting aspects. I also liked the way the support cables from the two arches crossed over, creating a geometrical pattern.  I’ve received some very good feedback so far.”

Saima says

Well, more good feedback is on the way! You have absolutely nailed it with the lighting, subject matter and time of day. This has some great lines and colour and makes for a lovely architectural style image. That said, I would suggest losing those buildings bottom left corner - they add nothing to the overall scene and just provide a bit of distraction. Just moving slightly to change the point of view would have done the job. You could also have shot from ground level to accentuate some of those lines even more.

Saima's tip

Compositions with lines leading diagonally to or from corners of the frame can be powerful and dramatic.


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