17 mistakes to avoid in Lightroom

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With the majority of photographers using Adobe's Lightroom as their cataloguing and editing software of choice, it's more important than ever that you set the program up correctly to ensure you get the best out of your images.

In this great video, Tim Grey at the B&H Photo Event Space shares his thoughts on how to get the very best out of Lightroom as well as showing some of the pitfalls to avoid.

It's a long video at an hour and 30 minutes, but Grey's tips are worth the watch, especially so when it comes to the good habits that all photographers should really be implementing into their digital workflows. Although subjects like keywording, multiple catalogues, folder strategies and metadata are certainly not the things that get many of us excited about photography, they are important.

Here is a running order of the topics discussed in the video:

  • 3:57: Not Understanding Lightroom
  • 9:08: Choosing the Wrong Lightroom
  • 14:31: Using Multiple Catalogs
  • 16:28: Not Making the Most of Import
  • 28:08: Having a Confused Folder Strategy
  • 32:24: Being Careless With Date-Based Folders
  • 34:13: Starting Anything Outside of Lightroom
  • 37:57: Ignoring Keywords
  • 41:12: Forgetting "Fake" Keywords
  • 42:38: Not Preserving Metadata
  • 46:33: Neglecting Backups
  • 54:02: Getting Lost on the Map
  • 58:25: Ignoring Presets
  • 1:03:11: Forgetting About Search Options
  • 1:14:07: Leveraging Photoshop Improperly
  • 1:19:30: Inconsistency
  • 1:25:25: Not Planning Beyond Lightroom
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