While the eyes might be the first thing we notice when we meet someone new, it's not often that we get the chance to really stare into them! Which is why our July 'Eyes' photo competition was so exciting; it offered the perfect chance to really concentrate on the eyes to see what we can learn.
This month's guest judge was documentary photographer and regular AP contributor Anthony McKee. In the end McKee selected Luke Cooper's darkly moody image 'Realise' as the winner of the $250 Momento Photo Books voucher.

"This image is both dark, sensitive and somewhat intimidating. What is even more intriguing is the movement in the eyes, possibly created by either a slow shutter speed or a multiple exposure. Great work," praised McKee.
The winner of our People's Choice vote was 'Locked On', a stunning front-on portrait of a Bald Eagle by Ian Clark. Clark's image, which pipped Julie Beggs' 'Fish Eye Lenses' and Trish Polak Silaphet's 'Eyes Open to Dreams' in Facebook voting, has won a $150 voucher from Momento Photo Books.

You can see the full selection of winning and shortlisted images below.

The Theme for our September photo competition is 'Into the Sun'.

WINNER: 'Realise,' by Luke Cooper.

PEOPLE'S CHOICE: 'Locked On,' by Ian Clark.

'Birdseye,' by Bill Roberts.

'Bright Eyes,' by Mark Glancy.

'Cora,' by Michelle McCleary.

'Debrief,' by Roxi David.

'Eyes Open to Dreams,' by Trish Polak Silaphet.

'Fish Eye Lenses,' by Julie Begg.

'Into the Soul,' by Molly Panagopoulos.

'Looking Out,' by Ingrid Jakobsen.

'Milkshake Princess,' by Mick Jones.

'Painted Solitude,' by Kara Tuck.

'Prying,' by Nick Drew.

'Serena,' by Kara Tuck.

'Stare,' by Jacob McNeilage.

'Steph,' by Judy Goggin.

'Stop and Stare,' by Alan Coligado.

'The Reckoning,' by Mark Glancy

'They're more like us than you may think,' by Cecilia Whitehead.

'Tufted Puffin,' by Kathryn Soddy

'Visionary,' by Mark Walton.

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