Video: The pro camera shootout: Sony a9 vs. Canon 1DX II vs. Nikon D5

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If you're lucky enough to be in the market for a new flagship camera, this is for you.

Thanks to Michael Andrew there's now a detailed comparison of the three major camera companys' flagship bodies - the Sony a9, Canon 1DX II, and Nikon D5.

To his credit, Andrew tries to keep the test conditions as fair as possible and presents his findings for us to decide which results we think are best.

The review is incredibly thorough, so thorough in fact it's a great example of how to test your camera to find what its limitations are. If you ever wondered how to accurately test low-light focusing speed, a camera's image buffer, or see the effect of rolling shutter, this video will show you how.

It's worth having a go at the portrait image quality test which blindly shows 12 different portraits from all three cameras. Andrew encourages us to score all 36 images and the results are shown at the end of the segment.

As the video is so detailed, you'll need 45 minutes to fully digest it all. If you're short of time or would prefer to jump to a specific section this is what Andrew covers:

And the TL;DR? Andrew concludes that he personally prefers the Sony a9.

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