Video: Man loses DJI Spark drone after seagull attacks

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Only a month after its release and one unlucky drone enthusiast has had his DJI Spark attacked by an aggressive seagull.

YouTuber photoshopCAFE was filming a review of DJI’s latest when his Spark was taken out mid-flight by the tenacious bird, sending it plummeting into the ocean below.

As well as losing his latest equipment (valued at $850) the YouTuber also had to deal with getting swooped at, the dogfight not enough action for the bird.

“The Spark is small enough that the seagulls are not intimidated by it and they have no problem connecting” he says in the video.

The Spark is known for its small size, weighing less than a can of soda. If piloting one look out for any pesky seagulls and others to avoid your spark from being extinguished.

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