Video: How to handle internet criticism as a photographer

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The internet can be a strange place. As a platform it allows us to show off the best of human nature, but more often than not, the worst of it comes to light along with it.

Here's how to handle those who seem like they just want to ruin your day, or at least have no ability to comment tactfully.

In this great video, Sean Tucker examines the common phenomenon of Internet trolls.

As he explains, by and large, the vast majority of trolls are faceless or unaccomplished. Some might argue it's beside the point, but it isn't really - we have experts in society for a reason, as without credibility things simply wouldn't work. A doctor or an engineer is trained and experienced, and we know not to take advice from any old person when it comes to our health or building a house. 

Really though, photography is objective, and we all have different opinions. At the end of the day it's up to you: work out who's worth listening to and don't waste time or energy on those who aren't.

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