Video: how photography can help improve your mental health

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We all know photography has the power to inspire and captivate, but for photographer Ryan Pfluger it's also helped bring him out of social seclusion. in a new video, he's shared his story and expalins how photography continues to play an important role in improving his mental health.

For Pfluger, photography was “a way for me to meet people that were outside of the safe mental bubble I had created for myself.”

Speaking about his upbringing, Pfluger mentions the disconnection he felt from his parents, and the loneliness this engendered in him. It was when he felt like this he sought out help through photography.

“All I know is that I didn't want anyone who came into my life to ever feel like they’re not seen. And then I picked up my camera.”

Rebuilding his relationship with his father through a road trip, Pfluger created a photo series that was the final pull he needed to move on from his lonely childhood.

In his career as an artist and “self-described nomadic creator”, Pfluger has taken images of celebrities and political leaders such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Tom Hardy. You can see more of his images here

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