Video: Cameras attached to stratospheric balloon capture solar eclipse

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Chances are that you’ve seen the recent coverage of the eclipse plastered everywhere. But you haven’t seen aerial footage of the Earth shrouded like this.

Self-proclaimed armchair aeroscience geek Liam Bahneman’s video shows the moment of take-off in central Oregon, to approximately 50,000-60,000 feet, capturing the eclipse’s development.

2017 Total Solar Eclipse footage from a near-space stratospheric balloon from Liem Bahneman on Vimeo.

Three still cameras including a Ricoh Theta 360 were attached to the balloon along with a GoPro to record video. What you see is an edited video with hopefully some images to come.

Dropping back down to Earth, the balloon was caught in a 60ft tall tree with the GoPro and Ricoh Theta 360 falling onto the ground safe and sound.

Liam’s footage feels creepy and dreadful like Earth has been enveloped within a deity’s hand. It’s a much different view than what we often see of an eclipse.

You can see more of Liam’s work here.

Image by Liam Bahneman. 




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