This guy sliced the viewfinder off his Sony A7

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Yesterday a photographer in China's Xitek forums posted photos showing how he sliced off the electronic viewfinder from his Sony a7 full frame mirrorless camera, with the resulting camera looking very close to the Sony a6500.

Interestingly the photographer, who goes by the name 麦大爷, wrote that because the viewfinder of the a7 has 'mixed reviews' he decided to solve the problem “with action." It's not clear whether he approached Sony first, or was simply doing it as some form of bizarre statement - we're guessing the latter.

To modify it, he removed the top plate and EVF, carefully sliced off the viewfinder, and then fashioned a new plate to cover the holes that remained. Although the mod has given him a full-frame camera in a relatively small body, he has lost the hotshoe with his tinkering.

So what do you think? We actually quite like the look of it, althouygh hate to think what it does to any sort of warranty claim. If you really fancy doing this yourself, You can find more photos in the discussion thread on Xitek.

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