This camera allowed strangers to watch it's owner without her knowing it

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Cybersecurity is increasingly importantin society, and it's something one woman has found in a most alarming way when her camera started speaking to her.

Dutch woman Rilana Hamer wanted to keep an eye on her newly-bought puppy while she was out of her house. She purchased a camera from a discount store so she could keep an eye on it.

In the video below you can hear Hamer talk through back to the camera after it begins speaking to her in french and then in spanish (Caution: Strong language).

In a Facebook post, Hamer writes that she thought she was going crazy when she began to suspect the camera moving on it's own.

“I walked into the living room and I saw my camera move. The camera went back and forth. My phone was on the bed and I had no idea what the camera was doing. Was it updating?”

We’ve heard of some bargains from discount and thrift stores but be careful next time you’re browsing. 

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