So what does a $63,000 camera give you?

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We're big fans of Ted Forbes' Art of Photography over here at AP, so when we saw he had made a video on Phase One's new IQ3 Achromatic camera back, our ears pricked up. In case you're not familiar with it, the Achromatic is a full-frame 645 digital back that shoots only in black and white. Paired with the Phase One XF, you'll have yourself a 100mp camera with no bayer filter, so it only captures light information.

The Achromatic is capable of capturing a broader spectrum of light than any other camera, and certainly broader than even the human eye can detect. It's able to start to 'see' in the infrared spectrum.

The result is images with astounding dynamic range and virtually no noise at high ISOs - as Forbes proves, shooting images at 12,800 ISO. Combine that with it's huge sensor, and you have images with remarkable detail too.

If you'd like to have a look at a TIF generated by the IQ3, Photographer Joel Tjintjelaar has shared a few on his review here.

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