After 30 years as a freelance photographer Ric Wallis’ passion for photography has never faded.

He studied photography at RMIT and worked for several years as an assistant before establishing a successful business shooting celebrities for the ABC, Crawford Productions, Channel 7 and several television magazines.

During those years he photographed almost every star that came to Melbourne including Dudley Moore, Deborah Kerr, Susanna York, George Hamilton, The Jacksons, Iggy Pop and Billy Joel.

He soon found that the skills he honed photographing celebrities could be applied to fashion and advertising and he was soon shooting for many of Australia’s leading designers, retailers, magazines and ad agencies.

Wallis holds a private pilot’s licence and his recent series “Over Lake Eyre” marks another direction in his photography career. His series of aerial images were taken during rare periods of flood over the last few years and present a unique perspective of Australia’s largest inland lake.

"Over Lake Eyre" will be exhibited at the Eleven40 Photography Gallery in Melbourne from November 4-22, 2011.

Ric Wallis_Lake Eyre Plate 01 620px

Ric Wallis_Lake Eyre Plate 02 620px

Ric Wallis_Lake Eyre Plate 13 620px

Ric Wallis_Lake Eyre Plate 15

Ric Wallis_Lake Eyre Plate 06

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