Michael Haylen took the long way round to a career in photography. With a strong background in science, he has worked in the disciplines of geology, hydrology, climate science, radioactive waste disposal, philosophy of environmental awareness and aesthetic practise. He also has a background in sculpture, philosophy and fine arts.

This diversity of interests and knowledge, combine easily to nourish his approach to photography.

For some time now Michael has been regularly taking photos around the Lane Cove River, close to where he lives. He walks there almost daily and never without his camera.

He says of his images: "I refer to my technique as ‘lightsculpting’ as it captures fluid form from silver-blue halos of sun and cloud radiating off the surface of the water. Silvery female forms are created from gradations of light and shade. My images celebrate form and invite a sense of journey. I want my imagery to invite a range of responses, intending to still the viewer long enough to look twice."

Michael currently works as a freelance photographer, as well as a sports photographer for his local newspaper. He also works in the medium of digital video and sculpture. He has had a number of private sculpture and photographic commissions, with more underway.

A selection of Haylen’s work is currently exhibiting in Water Magicians at Syndicate at Danks – 2 Danks Street, Waterloo, Sydney – until 14 July 2012. You can see more of his work at

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