A classic style instant camera that combines modern digital technology with analogue film was revealed in the US this week by Impossible Project.

Speaking at Bloomberg Businessweek's annual design conference, Impossible Project CEO Oskar Smolokowski revealed the I-1 camera is a revamp of the classic Polaroid instant format in a modern digital package.

The I-1 shoots on Impossible Project's type 600 film, which has been reverse engineered from Polaroid's discontinued 600-type film, and features a simple design with few buttons and no knobs. The camera's functions can also be controlled via an iOS app connected via Bluetooth.

An LED flash circling the lens auto-adjusts to ambient light and distance, while the app can be used to trigger the camera, adjust aperture, shutter speed, flash settings, and includes different effect presets.

The camera is powered by an integrated USB-rechargeable battery.

The Impossible Project I-1 instant camera is expected to be available from May 10 for $299 (US).

More information available here.

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