Gnarly GoPro survives being covered in lava and set on fire

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We heard last week about a man who sacrificed his drone for aerial volcano shots but we might just have a match for that.

In a massive feat of endurance, one GoPro has survived the lava flow of Hawaii’s mighty Kilauea volcano.

Erik Storm, the owner and lead guide of Kilauea Adventures, tried to get some shots of the volcano’s lava while on a tour 16 months ago. He wedged the GoPro in some cracks and, while preoccupied with the tour group, let the sturdy camera be submerged by the creeping lava.

Extracting it with a Geology rock hammer, Storm took it home thinking it was done for, but upon closer inspection he realised the Wi-Fi light was still blinking.

With the GoPro housing a complete mess, Storm took out the SD card out and witnessed the awesome footage of the camera bursting into flames. Although melted, the camera still worked, albeit not as well as before. You can catch the video, including the moment it catches fire, below via PetaPixel's YouTube channel. 

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