Everyday errand teaches a mum a lesson in the power of photography

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Sometimes we take photography for granted. That’s what photographer Jess Wolfe of Nomadic Imagery discovered when at a regular shopping trip.

Accompanied with her four children, Ms Wolfe was approached by a lady which helped her cherish that trip. Here’s the story in Wolfe’s words.

“Sweaty, baby strapped to my back, three year old insisting that her belly hurts and NEEDS her donut that she forgot to eat after lunch, 6 year old using everything in sight as a weapon, 7 year old wanting to spend the only dollar he has. This. This was my trip to the grocery today.

While I was bagging up my groceries (thanks Aldi) and trying to quietly keep from losing my ever loving sh*t, the lady next to me asked if I have one of those phones that takes pictures. Trying not to convey my annoyance to someone else adding to the million questions that make up my day, I replied that, yes I do have one of those fancy phones. She asked to take a picture of me with the kids. At the grocery. Together."

"She told me that she wishes she had photos of herself doing every day things with her kids. She validated the fact that a simple grocery trip is hard. She told me that what I do matters. She doesn’t miss what made the days hard, but she misses what made them sweet. I will always cherish this picture and the message that came with it.”

Jess’ everyday errand and her heartwarming interaction has since scored over 153k likes on Facebook.

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