Environmental Photographer of the Year comp opens for entries

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The Environmental Photographer of the Year 2019 is open for entries, seeking images which will inspire individuals and corporations around the world to take serious action towards being more sustainable and lowering their impact on the environment.

Dryness by Chinmoy Biswas, 2018, Environmental Photographer of the Year.
Dryness by Chinmoy Biswas, 2018, Environmental Photographer of the Year.

This year the entry categories directly support the objectives of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in the hope that the powerful and emotive photographs will act as an instrument of change against poverty, inequality and environmental degradation.

The competition welcomes entries from all over the world. It is free to enter, and each photographer can enter up to 10 photographs. The competition is open until 30 June 2019.

The categories are as follows: 

Environmental Photographer of the Year 2019

Celebrating powerful storytelling, the Environmental Photographer of the Year is awarded to a single image which triggers debate, inspires action and improves understanding of the causes, impacts and solutions to environmental change and social inequality.

Young Environmental Photographer of the Year 2019 (under 21)

This category showcases the best in environmental photography through the lens of young photographers aged 21 or under, inspiring people around the world to protect and conserve our natural environment.

Changing Environments Prize

Chronicling environmental change and the resilience of the individuals and communities facing adversity including extreme weather events, environmental destruction, energy security and conservation of our natural resources.

Sustainable Cities Prize

Focusing on our built environments and the communities and animals that inhabit them, including environmental solutions from design, materials and structures, smart and resilient cities, transport, waste and the connections between nature, society and infrastructure in our urban environments.

Climate Action and Energy Prize

Revealing human connection to the natural world and our actions to preserve it, this category explores sustainable environmental and economic development, the natural and social value of the environment, affordable clean energy and innovative adaption and mitigation approaches to environmental change.

Water, Equality and Security Prize

Examining the intricate relationships between access to clean water and sanitation, gender equality and security this category explores our ever-increasing demand for water and the role of gender equality in every aspect of water management from water scarcity to flooding.

You can find out more about the competition at ciwem.org.

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