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Weekly photography tips to help you become a better photographer.

03 Aug 2015 Looking for a pick-me-up for your photography? Alfonso Calero shares six inspiring tips to add a healthy burst of creativity to the way you go about making images.
27 Jul 2015 We're always on the lookout for a good 'photo tips' video. Here's a good one from 'iphone-ographer' Lorenz Holder who demonstrates some creative smartphone photography tips & tricks with an iPhone 5S! Make sure you hang around for the macro adapter and the underwater housing at the end of the video – cool!
Photo by Justin Gilligan.
27 Jul 2015 Justin Gilligan captured this breathtaking image of the ocean’s most feared predator off the coast of South Africa.
27 Jul 2015 Having kids shouldn’t keep you from shooting stunning landscapes! Dylan Toh explains how he and his partner, Marianne Lim, combine the challenges of looking after a young family with pursuing their passion for photographing the great outdoors.
20 Jul 2015 The giant Komodo Dragon is the largest lizard species on the planet, found only on a small group of islands in the Indonesian archipelago. Theo Allofs closed in on one for a remarkable photographic assignment.
Shooting in a photojournalistic style involves capturing images of the locals, the natural environment, and the built environment. Here I captured this tea plantation worker as he exited nearby fields.
19 Jul 2015 You can enhance your travel photography by creating your own photojournalistic assignments. Robert Keeley tackled such an assignment on a trip to Sri Lanka.
13 Jul 2015 What would it be like to work as a photographer for one of Australia's top newspapers? In an edited excerpt from her new book, Photography of The Age, Kathleen Whelan shines a light on Melbourne's The Age newspaper and sets out six essential skills press photographers need to be successful in their jobs.
06 Jul 2015 Join photographer Thomas Heaton as he travels through Iceland in pursuit of the perfect landscape.
30 Jun 2015 As the reigning AIPP Professional Photographer of the Year, wedding shooter James Simmons knows a thing or two about making pictures. He talks to Marc Gafen about the road to success and his unique approach to photography.
26 Jun 2015 Award-winning Australian sports photographer Adam Pretty discusses some of his best known images and how he came to capture them.
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