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Weekly photography tips to help you become a better photographer.

17 Nov 2015 In Part 2 we feature another of Australia's highly respected landscape photographers.
Islington Silos by Michael Evans. Evans says, “This image was captured using 16 stops of neutral density filters in order to elongate the exposure time to 331 seconds. This produced the dramatic cloud movement I was looking for.”
14 Nov 2015 Capturing buildings and structures in dynamic ways presents some unique challenges for photographers. Rob Ditessa talks to three architectural specialists to find out how they get their images.
04 Nov 2015 What's the secret to capturing engaging portraits? Tom Greenwood from Sydney Portraits shares 10 simple tips from lighting and lenses to apertures, angles, and attitude.
03 Nov 2015 Whether you're shooting a stadium rock show or intimate theatre productions, live performance photography requires planning, skill and instinctive timing. Rob Ditessa talked to three experts who share their best tips and tricks for capturing dynamic and memorable images.
03 Nov 2015 Being able to identify your best images is one of the most important skills in photography. Wildlife and landscape photographer Darran Leal explains how he chooses his 'hero shots' – the images that lead his photo essays.
03 Nov 2015 It's well documented that Sydney is a popular destination for photographers from all around the world.
27 Oct 2015 It's the great photographer's dance! Capturing the perfect photo is all about homing in on the best perspective, writes Anthony McKee. He explains the finer points and shows you how to gauge the strength of a scene from different angles.
Back-button autofocus is easy, intuitive and will increase your success rate in action photography.
26 Oct 2015 Back-button auto focus will change your photography for the better.
21 Oct 2015 To commemorate 'Back to the Future' day, a Brisbane-based photo studio set itself an interesting challenge.
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