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Weekly photography tips to help you become a better photographer.

22 Apr 2014 How does depth of field work and how can you use it to take better photos? Peter Burian shares some essential tips.
14 Apr 2014 Three leading portrait photographers – Marcus Walters, Marcus Bell and Jacqueline Mitelman – talk about the finer points of their craft, from lighting and camera technique to working with people and the constant search for new approaches and ideas.
07 Apr 2014 You can create all sorts of weird and wonderful abstract photos if you have access to an unused fish tank and some coloured inks. Alfonso Calero, who has been experimenting with different techniques for the past few months, shares his best tips.
02 Apr 2014 While taking photos underwater can be challenging, when those perfect moments of light and subject come together there is no place you'd rather be. Award-winning nature photographer Justin Gilligan shares seven great tips to help you improve your shots next time you plunge into the deep blue.
31 Mar 2014 Annoying dust spots showing up in your images? James Ostinga shows you how to remove them the easy way.
Shooting a better image is a balance between the first quick snap, and staying on the subject too long. You need to find the right balance.
24 Mar 2014 Most of the time getting a good photo isn’t as simple as snapping one picture. Robert Keeley explains how you can work harder for a better image.
18 Mar 2014 Three of Australia's top food photographers talk about the tricks they use to create their mouth-watering images!
10 Mar 2014 We talk to three professional photographers who primarily use simple natural lighting techniques to create their stunning images. They discuss their different approaches to photography and talk about the gear they use, how they go about metering and exposing their photos and the changes they make in post-production.
10 Mar 2014 A popular photo subject for experienced and beginner photographers alike, architecture can be a rewarding though difficult muse. In the second and final part of our 'Shooting Architecture' series, Thomas-Liam Ryan offers six more useful tips covering everything from lighting and lens choice to camera settings and post-production treatments.
03 Mar 2014 Static structures like buildings and sculptures require creative thinking to get the best images, says Thomas-Liam Ryan. He shares 12 handy tips to help you shoot better photos of the buildings you love.
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