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Weekly photography tips to help you become a better photographer.

07 Oct 2015 New to DSLR photography? Here are 12 clever tips from Sydney Portraits' Tom Greenwood to help you sort out what's important and what's not!
06 Oct 2015 Street photography is an endlessly diverse and rewarding activity, writes pro shooter Drew Hopper. In a new two-part series he shares his best tips for capturing striking images of daily life, from technical considerations such as which gear and settings to use, to creative considerations like timing and composition.
This series of abstract images was created in response to a local camera club's assignment to photograph textures. Image by Margaret Stanton.
29 Sep 2015 Shooting to different themes is a great test for photographers. Margaret Stanton explains to Robert Keeley how she developed her idea to encapsulate the concept of ‘texture’.
23 Sep 2015 Looking for some inspiration for your next photo shoot? Watch photographers Anastasia Ehlakova and Julia Gebhardt from COOPH demonstrate seven weird and wonderful photography tips for beginner and advanced shooters alike!
Three Sisters, North Island, NZ. Two exposures were required – one for water motion and one for all other elements. The sun was obscured by the rock to give a flare effect, and tripod had to be elevated on sturdy rocks. Image by Marianne Lim.
22 Sep 2015 In the final part of our series on using light more effectively for landscapes, Marianne Lim and Dylan Toh look at environments where finding and using available light can be a challenge.
Punchbowl Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, USA, after dawn with light streaming above the falls, by Dylan Toh. Canon EOS 5D Mk III, 70-200mm f/2.8 II lens. Five exposures from 0.3s to 5s @ f/16 ISO 50.
22 Sep 2015 In the first of a two-part series Marianne Lim and Dylan Toh share six brilliant lighting tips which can boost your landscape photography.
15 Sep 2015 Composition is the language of photography; it's how we communicate our ideas and feelings and control the way viewers' see and respond to our images. Alfonso Calero looks at ten compositional elements and how you can use them to create more powerful images.
08 Sep 2015 In the final of our two-part series on creativity, photographer Darran Leal shares five more clever tips to help you improve your eye.
08 Sep 2015 10 tips to improve your eye and transform the way you approach photography. Words and pictures by Darran Leal.
08 Sep 2015 Photographer Ray Demski from COOPH shares 12 clever travel photography tips to help you capture better photos on your next holiday.
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