Yuneec's new Mantis Q drone looks a lot like the Mavic Pro

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Drone-manufacturer Yuneec has introduced the Mantis Q, which offers a 4K camera, electronic image stabilisation and voice control. The new drone features a dual sensor alongside infrared detection for navigation and can be used both indoors and out.

Physically sharing much in common with DJI's Mavic Pro, the Mantis Q is a compact 16.7 x 9.7 x 5.6cm when folded and weighs 0.5kg. The camera supports recording video and capturing images at 4800 x 2700 (16:9) and 4160 x 3120 (4:3), as well as recording stabilised Full HD video. Still images are saved to a microSD card in either DNG or JPEG formats.

The Mantis Q has a flight time of up to 33 minutes and a top speed of 71kph, as well as a drone racing mode with a live video feed. The drone can be controlled by voice command; with recognised phrases including 'take a picture', 'record video', 'return to home', 'wake up', and 'take off', among others.

There's also facial recognition, where the drone will take a photo if it sees the pilot smiling from up to 4m away, and gesture control, which will take a photo if it sees the pilot waving at it. There are other modes too, including an orbit mode that will autmoate flying if there is enough clear air in the vicinity.

With a controller, single battery, spare propellers, a three-port charger, power supply, and USB cable it will set you back $499.99 USD, and you can preorder it now from Yuneec.

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