Sony has updated its popular PXW-FS7 professional video camera.

Notably, the new FS7 II features an electronic variable neutral density filter that automatically compensates for exposure shifts of between two and seven stops. The new feature also allows aperture changes that alter the depth of field during recording without affecting the exposure of the footage.

The updated camera won’t replace the existing FS7 as Sony has plans to retain both models in its line-up.

According to Sony, the FS7 ll features a locking collar around the lens throat that allows E-Mount lenses to be fitted directly to the camera. When the collar is rotated it locks the lens in place, effectively making lens changes quicker and easier.

The FS7 II has an altered shoulder mount and viewfinder which can be adjusted without tools. The monitor arm and the micro holder can also be switched for left or right eye viewing. The camera also has an increased number of external assignable buttons, from six to ten.

Like the FS7 the new FS7 ll uses a Super 35mm format sensor and can record 4K and full HD video at a range of frame rates up to 180fps and in a wide range of formats.

The Sony PXW-FS7 ll is due to arrive in January 2017, and the company has yet to release pricing information (the current model costs about $8500 USD).

Sony FS7 11

For more information visit the Sony Pro website.


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