Meet Pixii, the new M-mount digital rangefinder with phone integration

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French-company Pixii have announced a new digital rangefinder that combines phone integration with traditional camera features.

The camera does this by doing away with a rear screen and assigning image display and storage to a paired smartphone.

"The digital camera hasn't changed much since the 90s," said Pixii's creator David Barth. "But now a new generation is learning photography with a smartphone. Who understands why a camera still needs to bother with a screen or an SD card?"

The Pixii uses a Leica M mount and offers a rangefinder-style viewfinder. Camera settings including aperture and shutter speed which are controlled on the camera itself, but once the shutter is pressed the captured image is sent to a smartphone running a companion mobile app. Photographers can then edit or share the photo on the paired phone. 

The 138 x 79 x 33 mm, 460 g camera features Bluetooth 4.2 and 802.11b/g/n, along with a machined aluminum body that sports an OLED settings display. Other details, like the megapixels and dynamic range are still to be confirmed, but we do know there will be a global shutter and either 8 GB or 32 GB of internal storage, although you'll still need a smartphone to access this. Video capabilities haven't been confirmed at this time. 

Finally if the thought of kitting out your Pixii with Leica lenses sounds too expensive, a number of adapters will also be made available. 

With the Pixii debuting at Photokina last month, pricing and availability are expected in the next few weeks.

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