Immortalise precious moments with Nuovo Albums by Nulab

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Nulab has introduced their new product Nuovo Albums – exquisite, customisable wedding albums that allow couples to craft timeless manifestations of their most memorable moments.

Nuovo Albums

Once all the joy and the excitement of a wedding passes, your client is left with just memories and usually a USB of photos from their wedding day.

With the advent of digital photography, the idea of tangible wedding albums has faded into the background. Brides and grooms need high quality wedding albums, as a physical reminder of the moments they treasure most.

As photographers, this traditional touch can be the breath of fresh air you need to give your photos a new life and to provide your clients with the ultimate wedding package.

Nulab, in their ability to add value and their intimate understanding of the unique needs of photographers, has introduced their new product Nuovo Albums. With decades of experience, Nulab has created exquisite, customisable wedding albums that allow couples to craft timeless manifestations of their most memorable moments.

Why Nuovo?

Nuovo Albums create the perfect tangible memory of a bride and groom’s special day. They are made and printed in Australia using state-of-the-art binding technology that creates the perfect lay-flat full page spread to showcase your best photos.

Nulab has also employed a unique splicing technique allowing Nuovo Albums to be opened hundreds of times, without cracking the spine. Nuovo Albums are also fingerprint and dust proof, so clients can flip through their albums without damaging their most precious memories.

Each page is fade-proof and printed in HD to ensure that your vision as a photographer is always perfectly conveyed. Each album comes with a minimum of 30 pages and a maximum of 100, giving you the ability to capture every special moment. Clients are able to sit with you and choose their album size, sift through a wide range of premium and speciality paper stock options, and decide on the box or bag they wish their album to be presented in.

Apart from a great lifespan, Nuovo Albums also come with a 100% Lifetime Print Guarantee, which will allow your clients to pass down their albums through generations as a family heirloom.

Set yourself apart from all the other wedding photographers out there and offer your clients a unique opportunity to immortalise their memories with Nuovo Albums.

Visit the Nuovo Albums website today for more details.


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