Hot Wheels teams up with GoPro to offer 'zoom in' mountable toy car

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If you've been waiting for an excuse to get your toy car collection out again, then this might be just what you've been waiting for. Hot Wheels manufacturer Mattel has teamed up with GoPro to launch a special edition toy car designed specifically to carry a GoPro Hero5 Session—the ‘Zoom In’.

The vehicle, part of Hot Wheels’ ‘Experimotors’ lineup, is basically the bottom half of a standard Hot Wheels car with a cutout to support a mount that holds the GoPro. The car even features GoPro’s signature black and blue branding for colors.

The best part is the zoom in will cost no more than a normal Hot Wheels car, so should only set you back a few bucks. A GoPro Hero5 Session retails for about $300, a pretty small price to pay to have the coolest (toy) car on the block.

You can watch a video of the new car below.

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