GoPro's Karma drone back on sale

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GoPro's Karma drone is back in the air.

Back in November, we reported that GoPro had recalled its newly released Karma drone, citing an issue that caused the drone to potentially lose power while in use. At the same time, videos were uploaded to YouTube showing the drones falling from the sky unexpectedly. 

The company announced the relaunch on its blog today, saying the ‘new’ Karma drone is nearly identical to the original model, with one exception: the battery latch has been redesigned, solving the power loss issues some owners experienced.

The Karma faces stiff competition from the widely-popular DJI Mavic, which is not without it's own issues - it continues to face supply problems as a result of huge demand.

Karma features a top speed of 56kph and a maximum operating distance of 3,000m. The drone is compatible with the HERO5 Session and HERO4 Black and Silver cameras via a separately offered harness.

The second version of the Karma is available now in the U.S, but indications are that it won’t be arriving for sale in Australia for a little while yet.

GoPro's new Karma quadcopter fitted with a Hero5.
GoPro's Karma quadcopter fitted with a Hero5. A fix has been announced for the trouble plagued drone.
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