Fujifilm X-T2 gets internal F-Log, 120fps HD and focus bracketing

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Fujifilm have announced another big 'kaizen' update to their venerable X-T2 mirrorless camera, which despite being more than two years old has inherited many of the features of the recently announced X-H1.

The Version 4.0 firmware update adds nine new features. These include the ability to record F-log directly to the SD card, which will please videographers who previously were limited to connecting an external recorder via HDMI. F-log comes with the ability to capture a greater dynamic range.

The firmware also includes a 1080p 120fps slow motion mode,  and major improvements to the Phase Detect AF algorithm. In practice this means the low-light limit dropping from +0.5EV to -1.0EV, the maximum aperture increasing from F8 to F11, and "major improvements" in AF-C performance while operating zoom. Finally, focus bracketing has been added that allows for bracketing up to 999 frames in intervals of focus shift between 1 and 10 for greater depth of field.

You can watch a short video by cinema5D on all the updates here:

You can download the firmware update now from Fujifilm.

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