98 gram, AAA battery powered camera released

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The CROZ DIY camera is now available for purchase following its inception on Kickstarter.


Created by Hylé Design Macao and Taiwanese company 'Paper Shoot', the bare-bones, self-assembled camera promises “excellent images” through a “simple and straight forward digital camera”. Although digital, it lacks a preview monitor.


Weighing in at only 98 grams and featuring only two buttons, ON/OFF and the shutter clicker, the camera highlights simplicity in its use and design. Storage-wise, it features an 8GB SD card, holding up to 4,000 shots as well as a micro USB cable to transfer your shots.


Inbuilt filters offer some variety, producing 5 megapixel shots in black & white, sepia and blue.


Its natural, provincial look reflects its straight-forward operation, using AAA batteries to shoot the images. Meant as both an accessory and a simple camera, the CROZ is available here.


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