World Photo Adventures

01 May - 30 Nov, 2012

World Photo Adventures offer incredible photography adventures around the world – gorillas in Rwanda, lions with cubs in the Okavango Delta, wombats with baby in pouch in Tasmania, eagles with fish during our Fraser Island workshop, coyboys in Patagonia, and much more.

World Photo Adventures photo tours are said to offer some of the most amazing photo opportunities on the planet. Darren Leal is passionate about maximising such opportunities and assisting you with the best tips and techniques. The company’s workshops offer the best technical information in a simple to understand form while enjoying some fabulous shoot locations.

World Photo Adventures have a number of workshops and tours scheduled for 2012 with a Kangaroo Island and Digital Expo (Melbourne) workshops set for May; Lightroom/Photoshop basics (Sunshine Coast) and AGS Seminar (Sydney) workshops set for June; Peru – Incas, Andes and Amazon tour set for September; France and Turkey tours set for October; and Eclipse/Rainforest North Queensland, Ultimate Rainforest, and Ultimate Seminar (Melbourne) workshops set for November.

Tours and workshops have also been planned for 2013 and 2014. For more information visit

World Photo Adventures

World Photo Adventures

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